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The microscopic study of animal tissues and cells

CHAPTER 20. The Senses

Overview – The SensesPlate 20-1. The Eye: Sclera, Choroid, And Retina Plate 20-2. The Eye: The Retina Plate 20-3. The Eye: Photoreceptors Of The Retina Plate 20-4. The Ear: The Organ Of Corti Plate 20-5. The Nose: Respiratory And Olfactory Epithelia Plate 20-6. The Nose: Olfactory Receptors Plate 20-7. The Tongue: The Taste Bud

CHAPTER 12. The Oral Cavity

Overview – Oral CavityPlate 12-1. The Developing Tooth Plate 12-2. The Tongue, Part 1 Plate 12-3. The Tongue, Part 11 Plate 12-4. The Salivary Gland Plate 12-5. The Salivary Gland; Acini And Ducts