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Category: Osteocyte

The microscopic study of animal tissues and cells


Overview – BonePlate 6-1. Compact Bone: The Osteon Plate 6-2. Bone: Remodeling And The Osteoclast Plate 6-3. The Osteocyte Plate 6-4. Bone Growth: The Osteon And Periosteum

CHAPTER 1. Cells

Overview – CellsPlate 1-1. The Pancreatic Acinar Cell: A Protein FactoryPlate 1-2. The Paneth Cell: A Glycoprotein Factory Plate 1-3. The Goblet Cell: A Mucus Factory Plate 1-4. The Ovarian Endocrine Cell: A Steroid FactoryPlate 1-5. The Osteocyte: A Quiescent Cell Plate 1-6. The Cytoplasm As Cell Product: Blood And Muscle CellsPlate 1-7. Stages In The Life Of…
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