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The microscopic study of animal tissues and cells

CHAPTER 20. The Senses

Overview – The SensesPlate 20-1. The Eye: Sclera, Choroid, And Retina Plate 20-2. The Eye: The Retina Plate 20-3. The Eye: Photoreceptors Of The Retina Plate 20-4. The Ear: The Organ Of Corti Plate 20-5. The Nose: Respiratory And Olfactory Epithelia Plate 20-6. The Nose: Olfactory Receptors Plate 20-7. The Tongue: The Taste Bud

CHAPTER 19. The Endocrine System

OverviewPlate 19-1. The Thyroid Gland Plate 19-2. The Adrenal Cortex Plate 19-3. Cells Of The Adrenal Gland Plate 19-4. The Pituitary Gland Plate 19-5. Cells Of The Pituitary Gland

CHAPTER 18. The Female Reproductive System

Overview – The Female Reproductive SystemPlate 18-1. The Ovary Plate 18-2. The Ovary: Primary And Secondary Follicles Plate 18-3. The Ovary: The Tertiary Follicle Plate 18-4. The Oviduct Plate 18-5. The Uterus

CHAPTER 17. The Male Reproductive System

Overview – The Male Reproductive SystemPlate 17-1. The Seminiferous Tubule Of The Testis Plate 17-2. The Epididymis Plate 17-3. The Vas Deferens Plate 17-4. The Prostate Gland Plate 17-5. The Seminal Vesicles

CHAPTER 16. Organs Of The Immune System

Overview – Organs of the Immune SystemPlate 16-1. The Lymph Node, Part I Plate 16-2. The Lymph Node, Part II Plate 16-3. The Spleen, Part I: Red Pulp Plate 16-4. The Spleen, Part II: Venous Sinuses Plate 16-5. The Thymus

CHAPTER 15. The Urinary System

Overview – The Urinary SystemPlate 15-1. Kidney, Part I: The Renal Cortex Plate 15-2. Kidney, Part II: The Renal Corpuscle Plate 15-3. Kidney, Part III: The Renal Medulla Plate 15-4. The Urinary Bladder

CHAPTER 14. Pancreas, Liver, And Gallbladder

OverviewPlate 14-1. The Pancreas Plate 14-2. The Liver Plate 14-3. The Gallbladder

CHAPTER 13. The Alimentary Canal

Overview – Alimentary CanalPlate 13-1. The Esophagus Plate 13-2. The Stomach Plate 13-3. The Gastric Glands Plate 13-4. The Duodenum Plate 13-5. The Duodenum: Villus And Submucosa Plate 13-6. The Jejunum Plate 13-7. The Jejunum: Intestinal Glands And Outer Wall Plate 13-8. The Ileum Plate 13-9. The Colon, Part I Plate 13-10. The Colon, Part II

CHAPTER 12. The Oral Cavity

Overview – Oral CavityPlate 12-1. The Developing Tooth Plate 12-2. The Tongue, Part 1 Plate 12-3. The Tongue, Part 11 Plate 12-4. The Salivary Gland Plate 12-5. The Salivary Gland; Acini And Ducts

CHAPTER 11. The Respiratory System

Overview – Respiratory SystemPlate 11-1. The Trachea Plate 11-2. The Bronchiole Plate 11-3. The Terminal Bronchiole Plate 11-4. The Respiratory Bronchiole And Alveolus