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VisualHistology.com is proud to announce all 26 half-hour programs of the Visual Histology Course DVD Series are now available to Institutions in the form of a One-Year Institutional Site License. (The License is renewable annually).

When an Institution requests a Site License, we mail you a DVD that contains the entire Course Series in a streaming video format that you can put up on your own server. That way, students, faculty, and staff in your Institution can view any and all of the 26 programs on their own computers (as well as watching them in your Learning Resource Center.)

In making these Streaming Videos, we have gone to a great deal of time and expense to take the original masters from which the programs in the DVD Series were made and engineer them to play well in both WMV and Flash Video formats. When you put them up on your Institutional server, no players are required. The images are very good; the navigation system is excellent.

Call us (303-485-9110) or email us (below) if you have any questions!

The standard price for a one year site license is $1,500.00.

If you have a class size of ten or less students, please contact us for special pricing consideration.


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Histology is a part of biology and medicine that focuses on the microscopic study of animal and plant tissues and cells. Visual Histology teaching materials include DVD's, Streaming Video's and Histology Atlas for students and teachers.
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