Moran & Rowley Histology DVD Series

The Series contains 26 half-hour video programs, each on its own DVD, that cover all of the basic areas of Histology. The Series starts off with a lesson in the use of the light microscope and progresses to the structure of cells, tissues, and organs, building knowledge in an entertaining and scholarly format.

Suitable for undergraduate, graduate, medical, nursing, allied health, and advanced high school students, the Series is presented following the proven principle that “everything is simple once you understand it.”

The DVD programs are available in 3 formats:

Students get everything they need to learn, understand and enjoy the basic areas of Histology.


For Universities, Institutions and Libraries:

For Students

WATCH NOW - Online Video Subscription for Students: A 2 days online subscription per chapter at $10.99 each chapter.


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Histology is a part of biology and medicine that focuses on the microscopic study of animal and plant tissues and cells. Visual Histology teaching materials include DVD's, Streaming Video's and Histology Atlas for students and teachers.
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